Indicative Berth Plan & Delay Notice to Clients

To Our Valued Customers,

Attached is the updated Indicative Berth Plan for Ports Of Auckland which provides a berth schedule that reflects advised vessel ETA’s and their indicative berthing time.

Note this still indicates ongoing vessel delays.

This is an indicative plan only, based on a medium to longer term forecast by using the ETA line up of vessels and calculating berth time using ‘average productivity measurements’.  

The dates and vessel line-ups might change, however we believe it should provide some assistance for your long-term planning.

Please note you can also track Auckland- and Tauranga-bound import vessels on PortConnect

Kindly note ALL vessels arriving into NZ ports continues to suffer severe delays. These delays are made up due in part to the following main causes:

  • Ongoing industrial action / berth congestion in Australia continues to impact vessels and delays are accumulating (both in AU and NZ)
  • Ongoing berth congestion at Port of Auckland continues to impact all vessels and delays are accumulating
  • Flow on effect to all other NZ ports approx. delay 7-14 days on ALL SERVICES
  • Rail Ex Tauranga Port to AKL – delay: 4-12 days waiting time
  • Vessel Omitting main ports to mitigate the delays from ongoing berth congestion
  • Arrival and Departure delays from most Ports across the globe

We will manage your shipment taking personal care, with your interests at heart.


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