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A freight forwarder is a shipping speacilist that helps you to navigate the complex world of shipping. Every country has its own rules when it comes to shipping, and we partner with local agents so you get the best advice. We also negotiate better rates with the airlines and shipping lines based on our total volumes and pass these savings on to you. We have helped our clients move everything from complete factories to their own dogs.

We are based in Auckland, New Zealand, Amsterdam, Netherlands and Brisbane, Australia and provide import and export services throughout these countries. We also travel around the country regularly and work closely with local trucking companies so can provide international freight services. GDF Australia also offers international freight services throughout the country.

This is a service we provide daily for our clients with consolidation points through out USA, Europe, China and South East Asia.

Interior Dimension: This is also a service we do every day for our clients. Our partners are hand picked and we work with them closely so that they understand your requirements. We can also arrange the bills of ladings to show you as the shipper rather than the actual manufactureR.

Yes, we are experts in handling personal effects and have a department dedicated to arranging personal effects shipments (also known as household effects, household shipments, removals).

Yes we do. we handle shipments from important documents through to large projects and machinery.

We handle a lot of food and temperature controlled shipments, both air and sea freight. Please note that many times these goods need permits to export, and we can advise on these permits but the onus is on the shipper to be properly registered.

Yes, we handle Dangerous Goods shipments and can advise you on the packing and documentation requirements.

We can provide Customs Clearances, as well as tariff advice and trade consultancy.

Absolutely. We have partnered with the strongest freight networks in the world so that we can provide these services for you.

We will manage your shipment taking personal care, with your interests at heart.


GDF Group are your experts in international shipping. Through our extensive network we work to give you the best options so you can make informed decisions.

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